Staging and Closet Organizing:

Clearing Out the Closets  

Make sure your closets are cleared out and tidied up before selling your home. Don't try to stuff extra belongings in your closets to keep them out in sight.  This doesn't work.  It just makes it look like you have smaller closets and not enough room for your belongings.  The time for staging and weeding out any unnecessary items and make your closets appear more spacious is before you put your clothes so it does not appear crammed and crowded. Fold fresh towels neatly in the linen closet and keep things to a minimum. Home buyers do not want to have to look through your personal items.  They will be better able to visualize their belongings if it is neat and clutter-free.  By staging and clearing out the closets, prospective buyers will have a clearer idea of where their items will go.     

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