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Most of us have taken great care and thought into making our homes an environment that reflects our unique personality and lifestyle. This is decorating. But when it comes to selling your home decorating doesn't work. Decorating allows people to see the "you" in your home. When preparing a home for sale it is important that the potential buyers can easily see "themselves" in the home.

Start by removing those personal touches like family photos, collections, momentos, sports trophies, souvenirs, awards, degrees and other private items.

Distinct paint colours can also detract. Make sure your back drop is fresh, neutral and has a broad appeal.

Religious, political and seasonal decor may be offensive to some as could artwork with nudity. Take care that none of your possessions has the potential to create a negative reaction in a buyer.

Remember the things that make a house a home may actually hinder its ability to sell. With potential buyers spending very little time making a decision, it is important that we create an environment that is easy for them to imagine themselves enjoying the space.

Any type of purchase is an emotional one, so be sure that potential buyers can make an emotional connection with the home. Staging will arrange items to see the homes potential pluses like architectural features, so buyers don't get caught up in how you decorated your space and not be able to see themselves and their things.

Make sure you are staging your home for potential buyers for a quick and profitable sale and not decorating your home for you to live there.

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