Give your home an accent and make the sale:

Put Some Focus on Your Focal Points

The focal point and accent are the elements in the room which the eye is drawn to as soon as you enter the room. Every room must have a focal point because it makes the room complete and creates purpose. If a room does not have a built in focal point or accent, for instance a picture window, you can create one yourself. A fireplace, piece of art, furniture or a beautifully dressed bed make a great focal point in your living room, office or bedroom. Stand in the doorway of each room to see the first thing potential buyers will notice. Once you have your focal point established, you can work your furniture, accent and accessories to complement it, before moving on with putting it up for sale. Keep furniture simple and eliminate all the clutter and personal items from the room. Create a single focal point in the often neglected entryway with an attractive table or painting. The first impression inside the home is established at the entryway, so make sure to have a focal point that encourages interest to go further into the home. With some extra focus on your focal points homes will have a faster sale and be bought for more money.

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