Fix up your home to make the sale:

Fixing the Flaws - A Pre-Sale Priority  

If you want to get the best price for the home you're selling and and have a quick sale for your home, making the necessary fix up and improvements will certainly enhance your property in a prospective buyer's eyes.  These fix-ups don't necessarily have to be expensive.  But even if you do have to make a minor investment, dollars for smart fix ups will be recouped in the price you are able to get when you sell. It's very important that these improvements be made before you put your home on the market. If cash is tight, investigate your loan options for repairs and you can repay on closing.
Walk though your property with a critical eye or better yet have a friend who is savvy about home repairs give your house a once over. And of course you can use professionals like building inspectors and home stagers.  You may as well know what the comments may be up front and then you can decide whether it is worth your while to deal with it.
Be sure to finish all those little projects you never got around to. If you have do it yourself projects gone wrong it might be the time to call in the experts to turn these projects into a selling feature instead of red flag for trouble to potential buyers.
Leaky faucets, squeaky doors, damaged wood, paint, tile or flooring are all detractors. Buyers want to know that the home has been maintained and well cared for.  Start early to get these projects complete and reap the rewards with a higher offer.

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